Career Fair

At Marquette University every college has a career fair for their students. It gives them the opportunity to meet and network with professional individuals in fields in which they are considering.

At this years career fair for the College of Communication I got the opportunity to meet many individuals and ask them questions about what life in the communication field is like. Given the opportunity to meet and greet with different individuals is a benefit that Marquette gives all of its college students.

One major topic we discuss in class is socialization, which in general is all of what a career fair is. Being able to socialize and function as a normal human being is required and needed when attending something along the lines of a career fair. There are hundreds of events every week on campus, everything from career fairs to speakers to panels that are available for students to attend. Career fairs are where students of all ages are allowed to show what they can bring to the table.

This type of socialization would be the second stage: encounter. A career fair is all about encountering the right people and getting your name out to who it matters. This stage of socialization is important at this event because if you don’t encounter the people at the career fair then you look like a crazy person standing in the corner alone, too afraid to step out and tell people who you are and what you can do.

Going to the career fair was a great opportunity for me to network and put myself out there. It was also a great opportunity to look back at it and understand the sense of socialization that attending a career fair requires.


Organizational Crisis in the News

Everyday there is crisis in all different types of companies and organizations. Lately there has been a lot of controversy in regards to the rude and racial comments that Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at The University of Oklahoma has made. With this issue in regards to the racist video the National Headquarters for the Fraternity has had to step up and respond to this crisis news situation. When you search on Google for news in regards to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity all of the news articles and news stores is the responses of the individuals in headquarters who have been informed by their communication teams how to respond to the situation at hand.

The many communication teams are prepared and ready to react and respond to the actions of the fraternity members. This crisis team has been equipped with the right information for all stakeholders involved.

Here are some of the many articles showing the response of the crisis team:

Cree Inc.


Cree Inc is a Durham North Carolina based lighting company that specializes in LED lighting.

As a corporate they of course have all different types of social media. When you search Cree on either Facebook or on Twitter they have a main page for the company as a whole but they also have a page strictly for their new lightbulb.

To me I wouldn’t think that having multiple pages for your company as a whole and your company product would really be a thing – but for Cree it is. They use their multiple media sites to promote the other. The lightbulb’s page focuses mostly on what is new in the world of the Cree lightbulb, but the main page focuses really on the company.

When looking at Cree’s Facebook page as well as their Twitter you can learn everything about what the company is doing along with what is new in the world of lighting. Along with all the news that Cree posts relating to what they are doing specifically, they also go on to talk all about their partnerships with other companies and events happening in town.

So in my opinion I give Cree and their social media a thumbs up on what they are doing. I think that they of course could do a little bit more work when it comes to just linking stories written by reporters and other individuals. I think one thing that would really work well for them is maybe posting customer comments or stories about people who hear about what Cree is doing. I think focusing on the goal of making every home in America an LED home could be a great story line that they could get testimonies on to promote not only the company in general but all their goal of making the world a greener place.

Along with having a great Facebook that only needs a little bit a help I think that they could use some help in the aspect of a blog or in the aspect of their website. Some parts of their website work really well for them but at the same time it seems to be that there are a lot of different websites for what they are trying to work on. The website as a whole could definitely be consolidated and vamped up to really get their point and corporate goals across. With this goal the company can create a blog posted on their website that maybe they link to their Facebook with their different testimonies or great stories related to their products – like the fact that the company who lit the Super Bowl stadium fits their lights with Cree LEDs.

For more information on this company or to look at their Facebook you can search on Google; or access their Facebook here and their website here.

Changes to Social Media

So our social media outlets change everyday right? But does that mean we should stop promoting the use of these social media platforms to the companies in which we work with?

Facebook Changes:

1) Changing of coding to protect the privacy of its users from being targeted by certain organizations (specifically when it comes to registering to vote for elections).

2) Restricting promotional advertisements on newsfeeds.

3) New settings to limit what you see on your newsfeed.

Twitter Changes:

1) Changes to celebrity pages, showing the highlights you missed, easier sign ups and video capabilities.

2) Changing the way Twitter looks; so it looks more like Facebook.

Now with all of these changes that Facebook and Twitter are making to the way their social media runs or to the way that the program looks and what people see; would I still recommend that my client use these social media sites? Yes. Why? Because as an organization you need to have a presence on every different social media site. While Facebook may be making it easier for people on Facebook to limit what they see and who they see things from on their Newsfeeds, there is always a loop hole and if somehow Facebook truly has made it so no one has to see what they don’t want to that does not mean that people aren’t going to visit your page.

Now Twitter is actually making changes that could benefit some companies who use the site. If my company has a spokesperson who mentions them or big news while some Twitter readers are away and it becomes a highlight shown to those who come back to the platform some time later it could actually be a great change for that company. Highlights could become something that many Twitter users see more than regular tweets. I personally don’t always take in everything I read on Twitter but if I see it on a Highlight reel it would definitely register in my brain more.

So of course! I would make every company whose social media or public relations account I’m working on be on Facebook and Twitter even with the modifications. There is always some sort of benefit or bright side – you just have to find it.

Best Buy’s Social Media Policy

Everyone and anyone these days is all over social media, but when you work for a large company like Adidas, Gap or Best Buy you have to ask yourself: “what am I allowed to say and associate with my company on my own personal social media account?”

Every company has some sort of social media policy for its employees, whether it be basic and to the point or complicated and confusing to understand. But a company needs a policy that is written down and can be referenced so that they can hold their employees liable for what they post and point to the public policy if necessary.

Best Buy has a great policy for its employees to follow – and it is easy to access. You can Google it and it comes right up! Here it is straight from the website:

Best Buy Social Media Policy

But lets mention the top key points of the policy:

1) Best Buy mentions right off that bat that if you decide discuss work related matters on your social media platforms that are within your the requirements and responsibilities of your job that you must disclose your affiliation with Best Buy.

2) They also state that you must make it clear that it is your personal opinion and not the opinion of the company. They remind you to be carful with what information you put out on the web.

3) On their public policy it states the repercussions that could result in you abuse of your affiliation with Best Buy on social media. And they remind anyone and everyone that they will not allow discrimination and that you must make sure you must not misrepresent yourself on the site; do not state that you are a vice president in the company if you aren’t.

Best Buy and many other large companies are good at keeping their social media polices up to date and keeping them relevant to current social media. Many use the free publicity as a bonus for the company yet make sure to state that they are not liable for what happens on your personal social media sites.


So what is the best way to go about branding for a company? Every company is different depending on what they sell or what their services are. One company who does great branding is Dove.

Dove for many years has been selling skin care to women and have been doing a great job at it and now they have started to take another turn in their branding. They have started branding Dove with a way of seeing yourself instead of just a soap company. 

Dove has aligned themselves with something more than just outside beauty and cleanliness. Dove has aligned themselves with real beauty, beauty that comes from the inside of an individual. This sort of branding puts them on a different level of just branding your company. It creates a brand that connects with it’s customers on a deeper level than just the basic brand. It gives the customer a reason to believe in a company; it gives customers an explanation to their reasoning.

Now here is a very poor example of branding from Mountain Dew when they attempted to make an extremely outrageous ad work until it got called “raciest” by many people and on national television.

Mountain Dew is a very well known carbonated drink brand. After they attempted to do their “Felicia the Goat” campaign many people were irritated and upset by the way it seemed to be a raciest commercial. They attempted to use an absurd campaign to help brand their soda with a character and instead it backfired on them like no other!!

These are some examples of well done campaigns and some poorly done campaigns within the last year or two.


To start off, what really is Google+? To me its the social media network that my cousin’s husband shares photos of family events on for the rest of the family.

Honestly? A large majority of people don’t know what Google+ is and when I read the New York Times article on it I realized how true it really is. People who have Google+ will probably just stick with sharing pictures on Facebook instead. Even my cousin-in-law still uses both! I think a lot of the reason he uses Google+ is so that he can send a super quick email to those who don’t have Facebook – like the grandparents or great grandparents of the family.

Me personally I know what Google+ is and I’ve attempted to use it and see what it’s really all about, but I’ve never really understood it. (I seem to like WordPress more and it’s just as confusing) One I do like about Google+ is how up to date the visuals are and how appealing it is to others. That’s how I set it apart from other social media cites. The website is smooth and understandable and searchable just like the all knowing Google itself.

I know that Google forces people who want to do one thing on one of their other social media cites to sign up for Google+ but it is a huge advantage to them. I love my Gmail account. For me I can do everything and anything on it. It gives me access to Google drive, maps, YouTube and so many more. Google has used Google+ as a center for all of these outlets – do I use Google+ that often? No, but do I have one and know it is there and that there might be interesting things to me on it? Yes. Just reviewing my account and my newsfeed I found things that are super interesting. One of the “brands” I follow is the TV show Bones and they have so many videos and sneak peaks available to their Google+ followers.

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